Clinically Current is the independent CME division of McCann Health Medical Communications Canada Limited (formerly McCann Complete Medical Canada Limited), part of the McCann Health group of companies, but a separate legal entity. Clinically Current is a division as McCann Health Medical Communications Canada Limited registered at 10 Bay Street, Suite 802, Toronto, Ontario, MSJ 2R8, CANADA, but operating from the McCann Health offices in the UK, primarily Bow Chambers, 1st Floor, 8 Tib Lane, Manchester, M2 4JB. We are currently one of two divisions within McCann Health Medical Communications Canada Limited. Our sister division delivers accredited, independent medical education in Canada only.

Independence from any industry involvement of other McCann Health companies is maintained by being kept completely separate from any other McCann Health divisions or companies: legally through corporate agreement, physically by separate offices and workspaces, and technologically through separate and secure servers. To maintain strict firewalls from other McCann Health companies and employees who may be involved in marketing or promotional work for pharmaceutical companies, Clinically Current employees are, at present, all UK home-based workers. When meeting in a McCann Health office we use separate meeting rooms and office space.

If you have any further questions about Clinically Current’s company structure please email or write to

Clinically Current
Attn: Compliance Officer
Bow Chambers
8 Tib Street
M2 4JF
United Kingdom